Posted by: Circulo Mujeres Rio Lobos | 12 September, 2011

Bridge of Love

Global Service

Act of Love and Consciousness for the resurgence of the Kundalini energy in America. Releasing America from the Pain of the Conquest. Guided by the Indian “White Eagle”

 To release the pain that the ancestors of the European land did to the ancestors of the American land”

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We are at 2012’s door.  We feel the strength of America now and we acknowledge the importance that the America’s role is going to have in the Ascension process of Gaia, owing to the fact that the presence of the Kundalini energy of the Earth is in South America (Titikaka Lake), the sixth chakra of our planet.

Gaia needs to ascend a step in its evolution and to achieve that it is necessary that the Kundalini energy goes down to the South, to Tierra del Fuego. That process should finish on 12th December 2012 and so South America could deploy all its potential as Third Eye of Gaia.

Now the process is stopped, because South America is blocked by a karmic issue. The karmic issue has to do with all the pain suffered during the continent Conquest by a part of Europe, it has to do with the pain of the genocide.

500 years after, the pain of the descendants from the original settlers of the American land keeps strong. Please close your eyes, take a deep breath and connect yourself with this karmic energy. So you will know what we are talking about…

To heal this contracture in the South American weft, we are doing this work from Spain mainly, because the embedded pain was caused by the Spanish ancestors, but also includes to all the countries that participated in the conquest and to all the pain caused to all America.

It is absolutely required to create a bridge between our lands, a bridge of Love connecting all the beings living in and helping us to integrate both, Light and Darkness. It is required a bridge cleaning the past, consolidating the present time and projecting us to the future of a brighter land.

Do you feel that you are here for some important task? This global service has a direct influence on the Ascension process of Gaia. Nothing can be more important than this.

All along 2011 we will create this bridge between Europe and America. If you want to put your heart to the service of this mission, if you want to hold out your hand and ask to the Universe that its Purple Flame transmute all the pain energies caused by the ancestors of the European land to the ancestors of the American land, if you want that your heart beats are the force of the change, if you are a light worker that want to act, so here you have your mission.

Even, wherever you are, from wherever part of the planet, you are very useful. We need you. You can reach our intention of Forgiveness from Love, that is enough, and you will be helpings us in the union of Europe and America.

On 1st May 2011 we anchored the first pillar in Spain. On 11th November 2011 (11-11-11)  the second pillar will be anchored in South America. We have a lot of work to do. Please devote just a few minutes in your meditations to the creation of this bridge of Love and please read the tabs of this blog if you want to collaborate with us.

This blog will built and will be growing day after day …

Thanks for your Light, thanks for Being…